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Model of 1911 Wasp.
Winner of the first Indianapolis 500.

Welcome to
The Marmon Club!

This is the largest Marmon organization in existence with more than 200 members from all over the world.
You don't have to own a Marmon to join the just have to have a love of the car and its history. 

Many people have never heard of the MARMON automobile but it was one of the premier vehicles of its time.  It was in the class of the Pierce Arrow, Peerless and Packard. 


The Marmon Wasp won the first Indianapolis 500 Race in 1911 with Ray Harroun as the driver who accomplished this feat.  It was widely speculated he won because of the weight of his car.  At that time all race cars held two men, a driver and a mechanic.   Harroun's racer was built for only one man, the driver, so that not only streamlined the car but also reduced the weight by one person.  He also devised the first rear view mirror ever used on a race car (or a passenger car as well).  This combination enabled him to win the race with an average speed of 74.602 MPH.  Harroun was an Indiana native and still holds an Indy 500 record.  No one has ever come from the 28th (or worse) starting position and end up winning the race. 


Many do not realize that the Marmon automobile was built in Indianapolis.   Between the years of 1903 and 1933 Marmon Motor Cars (previously Nordyke and Marmon), made approximately 250,000 cars...fewer than approximately 350 exist today.  

Join Us!

We invite any one who has a love of the Mamon and all those who are interested in discovering the joys and ingenuity of this special antique automobile.  The only time required is the time you choose to give.  Our only function is our annual "Marmon Muster" and this is strictly a social meeting and a time when we can get together and "drive our cars".  Our main object is to maintain a current list of all Marmons still in existence and help in any way that we can to keep them up and running by helping to find parts and people who are skilled in the mechanics of this fine automobile.


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